Five Must Have Dorm Items for Back to School

1.     Desk

Sure you think “I’ll just do homework on my bed” now. But when you’re cramming for midterms at 2 AM on a Tuesday night, your bed is going to be too comfy and you’ll wish you had a place to truly zone in on learning half a semesters content in one night. You’re going to need a place to organize all of your homework, store your school supplies, and put your unfolded clothes each week. A desk is essential for (trying to) stay organized in college. Trust us, you need one.


2.     Wall Décor

You’re spending the next 10 months of your life in these four walls. Why not make them somewhat attractive? You’re going to need something relatively mature but you also need something you can put up with tape or command hooks. Justin Bieber for the win? I think not. You need small light weight pictures, cool signs, and maybe even an initial or monogram for the wall. You want something that says “I’m trying to be cool and fit in with the college kids, but not that hard.”


3.     Seating  

It’s no secret that dorm rooms lack space and seating arrangements for your newfound college buddies. But by having tires, you’ll not likely to run out of seating space. No, we don’t mean the tires for your car. Although, you may want to check on those before heading back to college. We’re talking about tires seats! Use old tires to make some cool and comfy seats for your friends in your dorm or apartment. Check out yesterday’s blog post for how to make these seats or stop by to pick some up today.


4.     Storage

You never realize how much stuff you have until it’s the morning after move in day, mom and dad are gone, and you’re left with piles and piles of clothes, high school memorabilia, and other random nick knacks you don’t really need. The best thing you can get to store all your junk are trunks. They’re easy to hide under your bed or in your closet and they store a lot without taking up too much space.


5.     A Dresser

Not all college dorms and almost no apartments come equipped with a dresser. And even though you’re most likely going to shove all of your clothes in the closet or keep them in the hamper all semester, it’s still a necessity to have somewhere to put those 27 t-shirts you told your mom you just had to bring with you. You need something that doesn’t take up all the room but can easily hold your favorite clothes.



Going back to school can be really exciting or really stressful. Most of the time is a nice mix of both. Either way, make sure you’re prepared to go back. Mom and don’t aren’t going to be there to help you out all year when you realize you need these items. Luckily, we’ll be here. Come see us!


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