Your Guide to OTC's 12 Days of Christmas

Exciting days are coming with our first ever Twelve Days of Christmas. These deals are like none we've offered before so make sure you take advantage of them! For each day we'll offer a different deal ONLY to our VIP customers!

Not sure how to be a VIP? It's so easy!! 

All you do is join our "Olde Town VIP's" group on Facebook! 


Day 1 (12/8): 20% off on all wreaths 


Day 2 (12/9): Buy one bath balm, get one 50% off 


Day 3 (12/12): 20% off all candles 


Day 4(12/13): Buy one ornament, get one 50% off 


Day 5 (12/14): 15% off on all gift signs 


Day 6 (12/15): 50% off Christmas consignment 


Day 7 (12/16): Buy one lotion, get a free soap 


Day 8 (12/19): Buy one item in the store for $50 or less at 50% off 


Day 9 (12/20): Buy a mug, get a free coffee


Day 10 (12/21): 20% off all pillows 


Day 11 (12/22): Buy one piece of jewelry, get one 50% off  


Day 12 (12/23): Buy a $50 gift certificate for $35 or buy a $25 gift certificate for $10

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.34.22 AM.png

Why Shop OTC on Black Friday?

When most people think of Black Friday they think of mass chaos in department stores, long lines starting at 8 PM, and aggravation with everything by 5:00 AM. Lucky for you, that won't be the case this year. Well, at least not at OTC. While we are planning to go all out with the deals, discounts, and giveaways, we are NOT going to open at an ungodly hour or make you fight to the death for a discount. Here's what we'll be doing. 

Giveaways EVERY hour. Some of the cool things we'll be giving away include pillows, ornaments, mugs, candles, and a big gift basket chock filled with goodies! 


Yummy food all day long. Breakfast + lunch snacks, yummy desserts, and of course wine! 


GREAT Deals. We'll have deep discounts on older items, 50% off fall, and tons of steals for Christmas shoppers. 


Sip N Shop

We've got some great events for you in October. One of those events is a Sip N Shop! 

What is a Sip N Shop you ask? A Sip N Shop is basically where you come, have some wine and other goodies, shop, and occasionally listen to live music. These Sip N Shops are fairly new to OTC, we've only had two, but we always enjoy them and we think you will too! 

This Sip N Shop will have music, just like we did at our first event. At our first event we had some really awesome pickers from Blackstock, SC come and play some awesome music. Talk about talented! 

We always have fun at these events. Hopefully, you'll join us for this one. It's Saturday, October 21st from 2:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m. We cant wait! 


Apple Cider, Y U M !

Starting Saturday, we'll have warm apple cider in the morning. We love our apple cider! It's one of our favorite things about fall. We love the smell it makes, the taste, and the joy it brings. Now I know that the last one sounds a little silly but sipping apple cider on a crisp fall morning is our definition of happiness around here. 

We use our cider not only for taste but also for the smell it makes in the shop. We use the premade apple cider from local grocery stores and add to it. We put oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and sometimes other fruits to enhance the smell and taste. 

Not a big fan of the taste of cider? We don't always drink it. Of course, we make it more for yall than anything. However, we also love, love, l o v e the smell it makes in the store. We put ours in a crock pot for a bit and let it simmer on low to really smell up the place. 

We'll have some apple cider ready for you Saturday morning, come see us! 

Paint Classes: Coming vs. Buying

So our paint class is tonight and we're super excited! We are all booked up and have no spots left.  Just last week we were talking about how easy it would be to make these and have customers buy them. However, after we started thinking about it, it's nowhere near as cost efficient to make one as it is to buy one. So if you're on the edge about coming to a class, trust us, you want to come. 


To make a sign at the store we first need to buy a shape cutout $10-$20) 

We'll also need some paint ($5-$22)

Paint Pens ($4) 

Ribbon ($4)


Of course, we have to pay our lovely employees to make the sign so we have to add their time onto the price too. Depending on the design, this can be the most expensive part! 

When you come and make a sign, we charge $25 for the signs and additional charges apply for things like bows, wire hangers, and hand lettering. Say you come, get a sign, a bow, and wire hanging, the most its going to cost you is $30. 

When we make it, we have to charge more than that even for the most basic painted signs. Obviously, it's cheaper to make one at a party and you can have wine, snacks, and hang out with friends when making your sign. I think it's clear which choice is better in the long run. 

With that being said, we'll be having another painting party in November, stay tuned for more details! 


Fun Fall Events at OTC

Fall is finally here and we've got some festive events right around the corner. Make sure to stay tuned for all the fun as it comes up! 


Paint Party: Thursday: October 5th ( 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm) Come join us for some fall painting! We'll have all sorts of fun things to paint as well as some yummy {spiked} cider and other fun fall treats. Admission is $25 dollars for small pumpkins and candy corn and $30 for 3 tiered pumpkins. We can't wait to see you. Make sure to RSVP soon! 

Sip N Shop: Tuesday, October 16th (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm) As always, were combining our two favorite things (shopping and wine) just for you! With awesome deals for one night only and tons of fun, it's a night you don't want to miss! 

Fall Festival w/Music: Saturday, October 21st (2:00 pm - 6:00 pm) Our favorite musicians are back! Come hang out with the OTC Family for some seasonal fun and games (and of course cider) and maybe even a food truck or two! We'll be having a blast, you don't want to miss this. 



Fall Smells

One of our favorite things about the store is the way it smells. Every so often customers come in and ask us about the smell. Now I know that sounds awful but it's not! We typically get "what smells so good" or "do you sell any of what that smell is?" and we finally have an answer. The smell is coming from Thompson's Candle Company crumbles. We recently purchased some crumbles to make the shop smell more like fall and it has made a world of difference! 

We have scents like a cinnamon bun, apple cinnamon, mulled cider, and caramel apple. With those and our Element Tree Essential candles, it smells {a m a z i n g} throughout the store. 

Stop by this week and smell for yourself or pick up some for your house! 

The Story Behind the Tree

Most people come in to OTC and question us about our tree. We get "It's not Christmas", "You still have your tree up?", and my personal favorite "Nice tree..." 

We get it, you don't understand the tree. And thats okay. I'm here to explain it to you. 

You know that feeling of coming home to your moms house at Christmas time. Seeing the tree lit up with presents all around it, hugging your family after being away and just having that feeling of pure bliss? We want you to have that same feeling each time you walk in to OTC. 


We LOVE Christmas time (and any holiday for that matter). We love celebrating, being with family, and feeling all warm and fuzzy. We believe that the Christmas tree has a lot to do with that feeling and when it came time to take it down we just couldn't do it. So instead we decided to make every day feel like Christmas in the shop and keep the tree up all year round. 


Now we're totally on board with the whole "don't start talking about Christmas until November" concept. So we mix the tree up every month or so, giving it new life, letting it tell a new story, and of course providing you with new decorations for your home. And sometimes, it evens hides discounts and other goodies (hint, hint). 


We love our tree and all it stands for. Come see us soon to check out our new fall tree. Take a seat on the couch, grab some coffee, and see what all the fuss is about. 


How to be a Tailgating Master

Football season is officially upon us and that also means its time for tailgating! Here in the south the only thing we love more than football is a party. Come stock up on some of our tailgating tools soon! 




Creating the Perfect Homework Station

Now that everyone is finally starting to get back in the routine of back to school, its time to start thinking about homework. Every year we all fight with the struggles of getting the kiddos to sit down and do homework. Because its still warm outside its natural for them to want to come home and play. But establishing a homework routine is crucial in the first few weeks to ensure that you don't have to fight your children each day when it come times to study. 


First you'll need a good table. One that doesn't take up too much room but has enough space for a your kiddo to dive into homework. The kitchen table can go wrong when its time to make dinner. Too many distractions = no focus. 

Next, you'll need somewhere to sit. You want something cozy, but not too cozy or you'll have a sleeping baby on your hands! 

You also want something to hold all of their supplies. Mom, we understand you don't want this homework station to cramp your style. So why not use some DIY mason jars to make the area functional and cute? 

We also love the idea of having a salt lamp in the space. We are firm believers that these bad boys help calm kiddos of all ages which can be very effective in helping get homework done. 

Hopefully by having all of these items, it won't be a hassle to get in those homework problems each day. We're here to make your life easier. Stop by soon, We'd love to help you make the perfect homework station! 


Second Day of School Gifts for Teachers

Is it seriously time for school to start already? We feel like this summer has f l o w n by. Whether that be a good or bad thing in your house, its here. Everyone is feeling a mix of emotions for back to school, especially teachers. Its important to start the school year off on good terms with your child's teacher. And what better way to do that than with a gift? Regardless of how amazing the first day was, teachers all across the district are sure to be overwhelmed and exhausted. We want to help you score some parent points with some of our awesome gifts! So, heres a few of our favorite ideas to give you some giftspiration. 


After a long hard day spent with excited kiddos it would be so incredible to take a bath with a candle and after use the candle as moisturizing body lotion. The wax from Element Tree Essentials candles is made to turn into body lotion when it melts. These candles are made in NC from cosmetic-grade soy wax, Shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, and other botanical oils. How awesome is it to have a candle and body lotion after the 2nd day back to school. Talk about relaxed! 

Classroom Decor

From handmade wooden door hangers to neat posters and signs, we have all of the perfect decor to decorate the classroom. These pieces are just a couple of our favorite items to give as back to school gifts. 

Soaps, Lotions, Sugar Scrubs

Another perfect way to help teachers unwind is with soaps, lotions, bath salts, and body scrubs. We're all about relaxation and self care at OTC so we've got you covered with some of the best all natural, great smelling, adorable items to give to your child's teacher.  We've even got you covered for male teachers! 

We know your child's teacher is going to adore your perfect kiddo and together they will have the best school year. But lets be honest, you've spent the entire summer with your kid (who isn't always an angel) and it doesn't hurt to be 100% sure you're on the "great parent" list. At least until Christmas. 

Be sure to check back with us then. We'll have more ideas for ya. 

Five Must Have Dorm Items for Back to School

1.     Desk

Sure you think “I’ll just do homework on my bed” now. But when you’re cramming for midterms at 2 AM on a Tuesday night, your bed is going to be too comfy and you’ll wish you had a place to truly zone in on learning half a semesters content in one night. You’re going to need a place to organize all of your homework, store your school supplies, and put your unfolded clothes each week. A desk is essential for (trying to) stay organized in college. Trust us, you need one.


2.     Wall Décor

You’re spending the next 10 months of your life in these four walls. Why not make them somewhat attractive? You’re going to need something relatively mature but you also need something you can put up with tape or command hooks. Justin Bieber for the win? I think not. You need small light weight pictures, cool signs, and maybe even an initial or monogram for the wall. You want something that says “I’m trying to be cool and fit in with the college kids, but not that hard.”


3.     Seating  

It’s no secret that dorm rooms lack space and seating arrangements for your newfound college buddies. But by having tires, you’ll not likely to run out of seating space. No, we don’t mean the tires for your car. Although, you may want to check on those before heading back to college. We’re talking about tires seats! Use old tires to make some cool and comfy seats for your friends in your dorm or apartment. Check out yesterday’s blog post for how to make these seats or stop by to pick some up today.


4.     Storage

You never realize how much stuff you have until it’s the morning after move in day, mom and dad are gone, and you’re left with piles and piles of clothes, high school memorabilia, and other random nick knacks you don’t really need. The best thing you can get to store all your junk are trunks. They’re easy to hide under your bed or in your closet and they store a lot without taking up too much space.


5.     A Dresser

Not all college dorms and almost no apartments come equipped with a dresser. And even though you’re most likely going to shove all of your clothes in the closet or keep them in the hamper all semester, it’s still a necessity to have somewhere to put those 27 t-shirts you told your mom you just had to bring with you. You need something that doesn’t take up all the room but can easily hold your favorite clothes.



Going back to school can be really exciting or really stressful. Most of the time is a nice mix of both. Either way, make sure you’re prepared to go back. Mom and don’t aren’t going to be there to help you out all year when you realize you need these items. Luckily, we’ll be here. Come see us!


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