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    Chenyang Company low consumption anode used for Aluminium electrolysis commodity commend seminar is held ceremoniously

     On April 21, 2015, Chenyangcompany’s low consumption anode used for aluminiumelectrolysiscommodity commend conference was held ceremoniously in JiningShengdu International Conference Center ,Attendees are  including Mr. WenXianjun the vice president of China nonferrous metals industry association,Mr Fan Shunke. the president of carbon branch association,Mr.FanDeyuan the Deputy governor ,number ofRencheng district committee of the standing committee , Mr. Li Qingyi the president of Group company, MrLi Changan the president of Chenyang Company. Delegate domestic and well-known aluminium enterprise, carbon exports professors and more than 20 companies attend the conference. The conference was hosted by Mr.ZhangGuancai , the General Manager of Jining Carbon Group.
    Firstly , Mr. Fan Deyuang the deputy Governor made a speech, who pointed out  that Jining Carbon as a billions enterprise have the courage to make innovation and developed low carbon consumption anode through increase scientific and technological level continuously which To cater to the development trend of today's low carbon economy. He also welcomed the expertswhoinvited to attend this seminarand to wish all the best and success for the seminar.
    After that Mr. Li Qingyi the president of Jining Carbon Group made a warm speech, who pointed out that Chenyang Company achieved a lot fruits under the concern and support of all levels of leaders, Chenyang Company insist to “innovation and development , to be best and largest” , continuously to enhance soft and hard power platform of science and technology and bravely to carry burdens of the same calling, directed research and development relatively low consumption inert anode, after many years concentrated research and developed , scientific research and repeated trial industrialization experiment, fruits have been achieved. In the future ChenyangCompany will continue to speed up the pace of innovation to research and develop longer life-span, more energy conservation and environmental protection, creating higher value anodes, to push the new situation of win-win cooperation and mutual development.
    The report with the title of “research and development report of Low consumption anode used for aluminium anode electrolysis” made by Mr.YuYiru put the seminar to the climax. Mr. Yu Yiru made demonstrate with mass of date from research and development theory, influence on each specs of Aluminium ingots, actual benefit bring to customers and approved by attendees.
    Finally, the representative from Aba Smelter and Professor Wang Pingfu made report of “trial report of low consumption anodes” and “export report” respectively to illustrate the benefits brought by low consumption anode fromdifferent point including End- User export which increased the product reputation.
    The seminar ended in the warm applause.
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