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    Chenguang JECT company hold a shareholder sodality

    Shareholders sodality of Jining Chenguang JECT Chemicals CO.,Ltd was held in the 23 floor’s meeting room of Group’s office tower on March 18th ,2015. Attendants from China side including: Mr. Gong Zhen ,the secretary of Jining Carbon Group Committee, Mr. Liu Liming , Mr. Gong Maosen both of them are the deputy secretary of Jining Carbon Group,  Mr.Li Qingyi, the president of Jining Carbon Group, Mr. Zhang Guangcai, the General Manager of Jining Carbon Group, Mr. Yi Yungong , the director of Jining Carbon Group, Mr. Sun Maoen, the chairman of supervisory board, Mr. Zhuang Weizheng, the president of Chenguang JECT, Mr.Dang Maosheng, the General Manager of Chenguang JECT. The attendants from Japan side including Takeshi Kawazoe、Shunei Watanabe etc.
    Firstly,Mr.Zhuang Weizhen made a speech on the behalf of joint venture who briefly reviewed the development of the Joint Venture Company for last ten years,stressed thanks for shareholders on both sides  for their concern ands upport,appreciated the successive former directors of the joint venture company for their contribution given to the company,hopes shareholders of both sides to strengthen communication andto continue the profound friendship accumulated for ten years,to seek a deeper,more extensive cooperation opportunities,promote better andfaster development for both sides.
    Mr.Takeshi Kawazoe the Proprieter made a speech on the behalf of Japanese side, who thank the successive former directors of the Joint Venture Company, expressed satisfaction for the company’s development of the last ten years, hopes to explore cooperation opportunities in other areas based on the Joint Venture Company,  andwishes the carbon group to have  vigorous development, progresses day by day.
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