How to Shop Consignment

First of all, we'd like to start with this tip. 


We've seen it happen so many times. A customer comes in, falls in love with an item, goes home to think about it and comes back the next day to an empty space. Here at OTC when something gets popular, all of the sudden everyone has to have it and it sells in the blink of an eye. So our #1 tip is "if you love something, take it home"!

TIP #2:

Our 2nd tip is a l w a y s check your tags. That big bold price you see on the bottom of our tags isn't the end all be all price. With consignment tags, the price goes down every 30 days which typically means the price is lower than you think. Check out this tag, it might make more sense. 


Currently, this table costs $29.98. However, on October 9th it will go down to $26.98. On November 11th it will go down to $23.98, and on December 8th it will go down to $20.99. Talk about a steal! With some of our prices, it may seem a bit pricey at first but if you're patient it will go down. 

However, we also think about tip #1. If someone else likes it and is willing to pay the current price, you'll be out of luck!

TIP #3:

If it isn't a consignment piece, still check for a date. In the top right-hand corner of every tag is the date we entered it into the system. If you love an item and see it's been here awhile, chances are there will be some discount on it. Check out this tag for example. 

This fish bowl arrived in our store on September 9th. There won't be a markdown on it anytime soon. But if it's still here around Valentines Day, expect a discount on it. 


We don't typically like to give items away. However, we don't like to keep items too long either. If you have a question, ALWAYS ask. We're here to help in any way we can.  

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