Seasonal Consignment

With the holidays coming up, its important for us to have seasonal decor in the store. Of course we buy and make new items for each holiday/season. However, we wouldn't be Olde Town Consign if we didn't have some seasonal consignment goodies! Last year our seasonal consignment pieces were a huge hit and we're hoping for the same thing this year. Make sure you're getting in touch with us at the right time so you don't miss out on the chance to make some extra cash this holiday season! 

WINTER: We are now accepting all Christmas decor! Bring it in soon. We will take decor until November 28th. 

As always we appreciate everyone who chooses OTC for their consignment needs. We can't wait for another successful holiday season with you all!  


Consignment + Consumerism

By definition, consumerism is "a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts."

At OTC we strive to turn the tide on consumerism to reuse and repurpose.  The 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s created a frenzy of materialism. Now there are landfills full of what was created for our every changing wants. Then we moved on to what we didn’t have. Who remembers the motto of the 80’s and 90’s?  “whoever dies with the most toys wins”.  We sure do!  And I must say we are thrilled that the tide is turning. Here we like to reuse and repurpose as many things as possible. There is beauty in everything so why not use it?! Our customers look for quality items that have been created in the USA. We strive to make sure we provide just that by creating new out of the old. Stop by soon. We'd love to help you find something that's been repurposed to fit your home. 


Consignment and the Green Initiative

At OTC we care about the planet!  One way we give back to the planet daily is by cleaning, reusing, restoring and repurposing furniture and home décor that would otherwise be tossed into a landfill and forgotten.  Forgotten at least until we run out of room for landfills!!  We see evidence daily of an over abundance of items that have simply been tossed aside and forgotten. At OTC we aim to help reduce the size of landfills while supporting the planet by being good stewards of the opportunities that we are presented daily!


We are blessed to partner with talented family members, friends & vendors that have an expertise in repurpose, reuseand repair. That is just one way that we as a community can support the “Green” initiative as well as help to sustain our planet for generations to come.


Stay tuned for additional ways that OTC supports the environment!

Different Types of Consignment

Here at OTC, we've got a lot of consignment. Now, typically when people think consignment they think old, heavily used, or thrift. However, that is most certainly not the case. We do have some antiques and some vintage. However, we've also got items that have barely been used. 

These items are both antique. However, when looking at them they don't necessarily look old. That's because their previous owners (and now us) have taken excellent care of them, ensuring that they will still be useful to someone else. We aren't going to try and sell you a 50-year-old piece of junk. We believe that when an item has age on it it also has a story. We're going to preserve that as long as we can. 

These items are vintage. They have a little less wear on them than antiques and a little more than brand new. However, they are still in excellent condition and would make great additions to any home. We love the unique styles and a mix of patterns vintage items have. They add their own funky style and really add character. 

Both of these pieces came from homes where they were bought more as decor and never really used. The La Z Boy rocker was in a home for about 5 years and sat in very few times. The gray chair was used as a decorative chair and never sat in. It was bought somewhere the owner couldn't return it and once she got it home she changed her mind. Lucky for us (and you guys) its new quality at a used price. These sorts of items are some of our favorites. We love being able to get our consigners some money without gouging our shoppers and this is one of the best ways to do it! 

Next time you're worried consignment is all older things that no one wants, ask us. We'd love to tell you the story behind any piece! We love our items and want you to love them too. Just ask us! 



Vendors vs. Consigners

What's the difference between a vendor and a consigner? 

This question may seem tricky but we promise it's not!

A consigner is someone who brings us gently used furniture or home decor. A consigner splits the profit of a given item 50%/50%. The price of a consigner's item goes down 10% every 30 days for the first 90 days. If the 90 days go by and the item does not sell, the consigner comes and picks the item up. After 4 months the item isn't picked up, it becomes 50% off the lowest price. Talk about a steal! 


A vendor is someone who makes, repurposes, or improves items in any way. Our vendors typically make gifts, paint furniture, reupholster items, and make furniture from start to finish. Vendors tell us what they need to make from an item they bring us and we add our price onto it. Vendor items are in the store for 90 days. At the end of 90 days their items are moving, they stay in the store until further notice. Vendor items do not reduce in price unless the vendor wants them to be. We always try to price all of our vendor items at reasonable prices. 


And there you have it, Consigners V. Vendors, the easy version. Want to be a consigner or vendor? Stop by, give us a call, or send us an email. We love making new friends! 

How to Shop Consignment

First of all, we'd like to start with this tip. 


We've seen it happen so many times. A customer comes in, falls in love with an item, goes home to think about it and comes back the next day to an empty space. Here at OTC when something gets popular, all of the sudden everyone has to have it and it sells in the blink of an eye. So our #1 tip is "if you love something, take it home"!

TIP #2:

Our 2nd tip is a l w a y s check your tags. That big bold price you see on the bottom of our tags isn't the end all be all price. With consignment tags, the price goes down every 30 days which typically means the price is lower than you think. Check out this tag, it might make more sense. 


Currently, this table costs $29.98. However, on October 9th it will go down to $26.98. On November 11th it will go down to $23.98, and on December 8th it will go down to $20.99. Talk about a steal! With some of our prices, it may seem a bit pricey at first but if you're patient it will go down. 

However, we also think about tip #1. If someone else likes it and is willing to pay the current price, you'll be out of luck!

TIP #3:

If it isn't a consignment piece, still check for a date. In the top right-hand corner of every tag is the date we entered it into the system. If you love an item and see it's been here awhile, chances are there will be some discount on it. Check out this tag for example. 

This fish bowl arrived in our store on September 9th. There won't be a markdown on it anytime soon. But if it's still here around Valentines Day, expect a discount on it. 


We don't typically like to give items away. However, we don't like to keep items too long either. If you have a question, ALWAYS ask. We're here to help in any way we can.  

How Consignment Works

Ever thought about consigning items but not sure how it works?

We're here to help! 


The first step is going to be to send us pictures of any items you are wanting to sell. When we look at items, we take our current inventory into consideration along with items we've sold (or not sold) in the past. If we have fifteen buffets and have never sold one we typically won't take another in. 

After we look at the pictures we'll typically have some questions for you regarding the items condition, age, the price at original purchase, etc. The more information you have the better. We can give you a more accurate starting price when we have a good idea of what we're looking at. 


Next, you'll bring your items in and together we'll decide on a starting price. After that, it's up to us! We'll stage your items and try our best to sell them for 90 days. 

At the end of 90 days if the item doesn't sell you can come pick it up, or we can donate it on your behalf. You will receive a receipt for the donation.  


As far as profit and fees are concerned, we split the profit depending on the price. 

$1-$199: 50% consigner | 50% Olde Town Consign 

$200 and above: 55% consigner | 45% Olde Town Consign


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.44.27 PM.png

We know consignment can be confusing but that's why we're here! Stop by or give us a call with any questions. We're always happy to help! Make sure to check out our consignment page for more information! 

How to Prepare your Consignments to Make the Most Money

So you've decided to consign your furniture - how exciting! There are typically a few things we (and most consignment stores) ask that you do to ensure that we help you get the most out of the consigning experience. It may seem like a lot of work but we promise it's worth it in the end. 


Step 1. Make sure you give us all of the information about the piece that you know of. Even doing a bit of research can go a long way. Some of the really important facts we need to help price it are: 

  • how old the item is 
  • how much you paid for it when you bought it 
  • how long you've had the item (different from how old the item is) 
  • where you purchased the item from 
  • what the item is made of 

Step 2. Clean the item. Knowing what the item is made of can help when cleaning it. For example, you wouldn't clean real wood and glass with the same product. Cleaning your item with appropriate cleaners can really make a difference in how we price it. 


Step 3. Fix any imperfections. If you're table leg is loose or there are some scratches on your chair make sure to tighten screws and/or use wood markers to spruce up your item. 


After you've made sure your items are in tip top shape its time to bring them in! You've done the work now just sit back and wait for your item to sell (leave that part up to us). 

When to Bring in Seasonal Consignment Pieces

With the holidays coming up, its important for us to have seasonal decor in the store. Of course we buy and make new items for each holiday/season. However, we wouldn't be Olde Town Consign if we didn't have some seasonal consignment goodies! Last year our seasonal consignment pieces were a huge hit and we're hoping for the same thing this year. Make sure you're getting in touch with us at the right time so you don't miss out on the chance to make some extra cash this holiday season! 

FALL: We've been taking fall decor for a few weeks now but we will only be taking it through September 2nd. Hurry in so you don't miss the deadline. 

WINTER: Beginning September 2nd we will be taking Christmas and Winter decor and accessories. Please wait until the 2nd to bring items in so that we can properly price, tag, and display your items for the best selling result! 

As always we appreciate everyone who chooses OTC for their consignment needs. We can't wait for another successful holiday season with you all!  


What is Consignment?

Twenty Three. 

That is the number of how many times we were asked "What is consignment?" just last week. It's a fair question. One that we didn't really know how to answer at first. Now, nine months in we {hope} we've got our answer down. 

Consignment is the process of a store selling your gently used items on your behalf. In other words: You bring us your items and if we believe we'll be able to make a profit and we can both agree on a reasonable price, we sell them for you in our store. 

However, consignment at OTC isn't that cut and dry. It isn't that boring, and it isn't dull. Here, consignment means an item finding a new home, a new purpose, and a new life. We try to take all of our items and make it so they aren't considered boring, old, and in some cases, you can't even tell they've been used. 

We don't want people to walk into your home and think "Wow, that table looks old" or "How long has that sofa been here?" And we know you don't want that either. So we aren't going to try and sell you a couch that been sitting in a strangers great aunts basement for 3 years with cats all over it. Instead, we're going to help you find that gently used sofa that looks like it came straight from the showroom to your house because we too want people to think "It looks great in here." or "I wonder where that wine cabinet came from?" 


We understand that sometimes consignment can be a scary word. But here, we know where our items are coming from, who made them, who used them, and how to ensure you're getting a great piece for an even better price. Trust us, we know what we're doing. 

Five Reasons to Consign Your Furniture

1.  It’s easier than selling online.

When selling items on Facebook, Letgo, Craigslist, or other sell sites, chances are people are going to ask for a drop in the price, they’re going to ask you a lot of questions, and they’re going to demand your attention all day every day until your item sells. And most likely, you don’t have time for all of that. When you consign your items we take care of everything. We are going to do the correct research and price your items, we are going to make sure that your items are displayed to sell, and we are going to make sure that you get the money that you deserve for your item. We advocate for you and your items. Online sell sites don’t do that. 


2.  You make more money than you would donating.

If you’re considering donating an item, stop think about all of the money you originally spent on the item and the time you’ve spent over the years cleaning it. You deserve to earn something for all the times you had to tell your dog, Scrappy to not run in the house for fear that he’d knock over that beautiful vase, or all of the times you told your kids to be careful not spill food on the sofa. When your item is in excellent condition because you took such great care of it, you deserve to get some money back for that. Why not earn some cash towards that table you’ve been eyeing or a family vacation?


3.  Out of sight, out of mind.

When you bring your items to us, you no longer have to worry about them. We take the time to stage items with the perfect accessories. We put reasonable price tags on your item, and do our very best to sell your items to every person who comes in our door each day. We recognize that’s a lot of work and we don’t want you to go through that on your own. After all, that’s why we’re here! Drop your items off and let it be out of sight out of mind. We promise to take good care of it.

4.  You’re giving something you once loved a new life.

So it’s time to finally get rid of your grandmothers antique side table. Why not let us give it a new life? When we receive items that have a lot of potential, we’re going to do everything it takes to give it a new life. Whether that means buying it out right and repainting it, repurposing it, or just giving it a nice new shine for a potential buyer, we make sure that your item gets a new life and a fabulous new home.

5.  You’re giving back to your community.

When you consign your items with us, you’re supporting a local community. You’re supporting a family (and a pretty large one at that). You are also supporting this fabulous town. When you help local shops we are able to give some of that back to the community. We think Rock Hill is a pretty great place, who doesn’t want to help it grow?

Next time you’re thinking of donating item or trying to sell it online, do yourself a favor, contact us first.

We promise you won’t regret it.


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